Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb
       Hello... Welcome to come back in my blog. Hmmm... it's already the fourth week. This time I will present the results of the interview with my friend about the special skills that her possessed.
       Her name is Wiwik Susanti. The address it came from Jl. Jawa, Sungai Purun Kecil, The District Sungai Pinyuh, Regency Mempawah. Place, date of birth in Sungai Purun Kecil, May 15, 1999. Wiwik fourth child of four brothers. Now he lectures in the study program PJKR (Physical Education Health and Recreation) at Campus III FKIP UNTAN. I know Wiwik from Senior High School because we are one school. I interviewed Wiwik because she has the ability in Martial arts, namely Pencak Silat. Style is Banded like male. however she said gently. Because he comes from a lineage of Java.
    This is the result of our interview.
Me : Assalamu’alaikum Wiwik. How are you today?
Wiwik : Wa’alikumsalam. I’m fine. And you?
Me : I’m fine too. Wik, I want to …

I Can't Imagine Life Without Book

I Can't Imagine Life Without Book
Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb
Hallo... how are you? I hope you are okay guys. Welcome back to my blog. Yeah... this time I will tell you about the “I Can't Imagine Life Without Book”.
Try to imagine if we live without books. What will happen ? without book, we are definitely thirsty for knowledge. We will have difficulty in learning. So also with the teacher. The teacher will difficult learning. We will be difficult to find the sources when perform tasks in school or on campus. Moreover, for fans of the book, rather Again who have a hobby reading a book. Their life as if not complete if not read a book although in one day. Likewise with a novel. They will be difficult for what they want to read is not there. But not a little also people like reading a book about history, the book about the people who played the important, and etc. They will be difficult to find the information from the source of the book that they are looking for.
But in the now we d…

Lessons learned or moral values

Lessons Learned or Moral Values
Hi guys ... how are you? I hope are you okay. Aamiin ... come back in a blog me. Yeah ... this time I will tell learning on Tuesday, 21 March 2017.
Usually learning English Economic implemented in the American Corner. The room make us happy as AMCOR have air-conditioning and the room is neat. AMCOR also have a variety of the collection of the book. We also may visits there. Now back to the story ... Today it friends who else was there to be there. But I and my friend was still on campus. It turns out the AMCOR used. But another friend told us to immediately go to the library. Me and my friend immediately went to the library to followed them. After until there we still waiting for information from Miss Dini. We also had confusion want to find the room to learn. While waiting for information from Miss us was busy with the affairs of each. Finally we’ve got the information. It turns out of learning we implemented in BCLC.
After until there, we…

My Skills

My Skills
Assalamua'alaikum wr.wb Hallo guys... welcome to my blog again. Yesterday I told you about the reason I continue study in university. Yeah... And now... I will tell you about the skills that I have.
Actually I don't know what skills I have. And I don't know I am an expert in the field of what. But after think I have the expertise of singing. Without I realized, my hobby of singing from the childhood. Starting from Elementary School until now. What do I do with my expertise? Here's the story, when still in primary School I really like to sing. Then when i was in junior high school I still love singing. Moreover, when the subjects of ART and CULTURE. I really like it because we are told to sing to get high score. I also participate in a vocal group at the time of the ceremony on August 17.
And until this time i was like singing. The days I feel less if I didn’t singing. I also do not know why such as it may have become a habit. Ok to be connected ... At the time in…

Discovering Connections, Profession Of An Economist

Profession Of An Economist
On October 28 Februari 2017 "The results of the discussions group"
Member Of Group : 1. Weny Agusteri 2. Isma Dewi 3. Siti Aisah 4. Septi Novayanti
Discovering Connections
1.Why have you chosen economics education at FKIP UNTAN ?
Answer : We choose economics education at FKIP UNTAN, because without we realize that education economic it is a majors leadingto the profession a teacher. Actually, we have the desire to work in economic sector like employees bank, the clerks of the company and others. But, over time we started to adapt and started fond of study program faculty we chose this. Because of the study program faculty of education economy is not only can make us as a teacher but later in the degree we can also be work in companies or work in the field of other.
2.Would you like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate you own economic business?
Answer : We would like to work for a company because from the beginn…


Profession Of An Economist

Member Of Group :
1. Tri Wahyu Rizcay
2. Weny Agustery
3. Siti Aisah
4. Utin Ristiana

•Resources     = Sumber daya
•Labor            = Tenaga kerja
•Effort            = Usaha
•Satisfy           = Memberi kepuasan
•Concerned   = Prihatin
•Satisfaction = Kepuasan (hati)
•Benefits        = Manfaat
•Different      = Berbeda
•Engage          = Mengikut sertakan
•Collect           = Mengumpulkan
•Determine    = Menentukan
•Develop        = Berkembang
•Collect          = Mengumpulkan
•Wears           = Memakai
•Forecast       = Ramalan cuaca
•Revenues     = Pendapatan
•Tax                = Pajak
•Rates             = Daftar biaya
•Loses             = Kehilangan
•Particular     = Teliti
•Compute       = Memperhitungkan
•Perform        = Melakukan
•Useful            = Berguna, bermanfaat
•Companies   = Perusahaan
•Firms             = Perusahaan
•Operate         = Menjalankan
•French           = Bahasa Prancis
•Accepted       = Diterima
•Comfortable = Menye…

Why I Continue My Study To University Level

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb.         Hallo guys, I want to introduce myself. My name is Siti Aisah. I come from the Sungai Pinyuh , Mempawah. I was born in Mempawah, September 21, 1998. This story is the reason I continue study to university.    Early initially I don’t really understand about the university. Moreover, which university would I were going. When there is an opening SNMPTN, our teacher encourage and even taught us how to the list. I did not understand about the registration SNMPTN. But my friends teach told me how to fill it. I also went along to register the selection. After arriving time the announcement of the result of selection, I and my friend did not dare to see the results. We feel afraid if we passed or not. It turns out after opened, the courses that I choose not to get away. Likewise with my friend, we both not away. We sad to see the result is like that.        After a few months later, there is the opening SBMPTN. I again don’t know what it was SBMPTN. But my fr…